- Intuitive Readings
 Tarot Readings
Here is my selection of tarot readings. I always say to clients to go for the reading you feel most drawn too.
3 card tarot reading. 6.00
Like the 3 card angel reading, this focuses on past present and future.
The Celtic Cross Tarot Reading. 10.00
This is a common reading as this focuses on a range of different topics.
Relationship tarot reading. 10.00
This reading is good for people who are unsure and confused on where their relationships are going.
The Challenge tarot reading. 10.00
This is a good reading for somebody facing challenges and obstacles in their lives.
21 card past, present and future reading. 20.00
This is a very good and common reading, 7 cards are used in each category which is past, present and future.
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