- Intuitive Readings
Spells performed by me tend to be performed on Full Moon when the moon is at its strongest and most powerful. Spells that I cast include relationship spells, fertility spells, confidence spells, career spells, happiness spells, spells to help with the moving forward process and more.
Love spells- Relationship booster which works on issues thay may be present in the relationship and makes the relationship stronger.
Fertility spells- Help with the conceiving process and to have a healthy happy pregnancy
Confidence spells- Boosts confidence for those with low self-esteem/confidence issues
Career spells- Help you get that job you want or that promotion you are aiming for
Happiness spells- To bring that sunshine back into your life and lift away that dark cloud hovering above you.
Moving forward- To help you let go of the past and all those cords and ties holding you back, making you able to finally move forward freely.
All spells are just £7.50 and once purchased will be cast on the next full moon. Communication will be made to let you know once the spell/spells have been cast. When purchasing the spell/spells please do leave a note with what type you would like.
Blessed Be xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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